OKBET ASIA | TREMAYNE: After his amazing victory in Singapore, Perez has a new objective for the remainder of the season

OKBET ASIA | TREMAYNE: After his amazing victory in Singapore, Perez has a new objective for the remainder of the season post thumbnail image



OKBET asia – TREMAYNE: It may seem strange, but as we walked back to our hotel in the wee hours of Monday morning in Singapore (after rejecting a taxi driver’s nice offer of $55 for a five-minute trip), I couldn’t help but hum the Ghostbusters theme song while thinking about Sergio Perez’s impressive triumph for Red Bull.

Who are you going to contact if there’s an odd occurrence in your area? (Ghostbusters) Who are you going to contact if you have something that seems strange and unattractive?

Something was definitely off in the Red Bull garage, and it had to do with the fueling problem that kept Max Verstappen from claiming what seemed like a sure pole position.

When things go wrong for teams and their main drivers, the other member of the team is the equivalent of calling in the Ghostbusters.

But, to be frank, after his triumph in Monaco and his runner-up spot in Azerbaijan, Checo hasn’t always delivered in terms of very tight backup, with his second place in Belgium being especially poor compared to his teammate’s come-from-behind success.

However, on the streets of Marina Bay, Red Bull desperately needed their number two to step up and salvage the day, since Max had started ninth and dropped to twelfth when the anti-stall kicked in at the start.

He did.


It was riveting to watch, like all those times when you know someone is about to pull a trick out of the bag that is really remarkable. Perhaps the race for the victory itself wasn’t very entertaining to watch, but I’m willing to wager that Checo was always on the go the whole 59 laps.

READ MORE about how Horner called Perez “world class” and how Verstappen was “carrying a massive wound” in Singapore.

First, Charles Leclerc was on his tail until the 48th lap, and then in the last five laps, he knew he had to push the pace or risk a five-second penalty for repeatedly finishing more than 10 positions behind the Safety Car.

In the post-race news conference, he provided some fascinating detail on what was going on at those stages.

“I believe the keys to today’s race were to (1) manage the pace on the inter and (2) having excellent speed when we needed it, given the incredibly terrible circumstances we had early on.

When looking at us, I believe that others often fail to see just how challenging it is and how simple it is to make a mistake. Basically, we were venturing into the few areas where the weather was appropriately rainy and wet, making it very difficult and prone to error. A lot of things happened to me.

We saw dramatic moments for drivers like Nicholas Latifi and Zhou Guanyu, Alex Albon, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Yuki Tsunoda, but Checo was facing the kind that would have brought his heart dangerously near to his teeth and tongue without necessarily being recorded on camera.


While Max was busy winning five in a row, Red Bull made adjustments to the weight distribution of the lighter RB18, shifting more of the car’s weight back to the front wheels and making Kimi appear like a shell of his former Monegasque self.

Max, like Ayrton, Michael, and Lewis, has an innate need for a front end that functions well and accommodates the desires of the back end. The RB18 performed best for Checo when he switched the driving position to one more like to that of Alain Prost or Sebastian Vettel.

After the start of the Singapore Grand Prix was delayed by heavy rain on Sunday evening, the track never fully dried due to the high humidity, even after the drivers switched to slick tires. This change was initiated prematurely by George Russell and Mercedes on Lap 21, but gained momentum (pun intended) when Russell set the fastest lap 12 laps later.

At Lap 34, Charles and Lewis made their pit stop, and at Lap 35, Checo, Carlos, and Max followed suit. Since of this, more than half of the race was spent trying to save intermediate tires that were either brand new at the start (which Lewis didn’t like because they took so long to come to temperature) or had been worn reasonably good in qualifying. Compromising in any direction was difficult.

On a circuit where passing is tough, Checo’s second-place qualifying position and subsequent start victory were crucial. And then he proved one again that nobody takes care of your rubber better than he does. Don’t forget about Malaysia in 2012.

And when Max made mistakes, as as on Lap 40 when the bumps caught him out while trying to overtake Lando Norris, bouncing the front wheels in the air such that they locked and flat-spotted his mediums, Checo was able to avoid any mishaps. Then, critically, as the threat of that penalty loomed over the race, his tyres heated up as Charles’ faded.

The difficulty of racing in low-visibility circumstances, wherein neither the tires nor the brakes had warmed up, was brought home by the incident with the Safety Car.

If the first push was his toughest challenge, then the subsequent restarts had to be towards the top of the list. The two times he was penalized for not moving forward quickly enough were outweighed by how successfully he dealt with the super-hard warm-up phases, when half the track was drying and the other still needed intermediates and the Ferrari was under enormous pressure. The times when Charles was at his peak performance.

Imagine if that crucial last step hadn’t been taken. In fact, with 56 laps complete, Checo was in a commanding 4.2s lead and would have lost by 0.8s if the race had been called then. Instead, he sped it up to 5.1 seconds on Lap 58 and 7.595 seconds by the checkered flag on Lap 59. After the time penalty was included, his winning margin was 2.595 seconds.

That means he performed his best under pressure. He continued going the whole distance, didn’t make any more time-consuming blunders, and was able to make up for his missteps behind the Safety Car. Christian Horner said that this drive was the finest of his career, even better than Monaco, and that he had performed under immense pressure.

In general, it seems like a fair description, even if the Safety Car violations are taken into account. Christian is proud of him, but Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler would be much more so.

But now, as the season winds down, he must demonstrate that he can continue to produce. For the last five races of 2022, he must now focus on removing Charles from second place, as this would speak much more than finishing third behind the Ferrari driver.


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