OKBET ASIA | McLaren’s Singapore GP update: a new design direction?

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McLaren wants to improve the car’s aerodynamic performance at all rear ride heights to offer it a more consistent balance across the corner speed range.

Aerodynamic forces reduce a car’s rear ride height as it corners quicker. In slower speed bends, increasing the rear ride height might decouple the airflow since the air is traveling less fast and has less strong flow patterns.

Teams strive for uniformity in the car’s high-low balance to generate the largest operational window. The broader the balancing window between the car’s front and back, the more downforce may be created. Maintaining rear underbody airflow at low speeds is key.

In constructing the car’s airflow surfaces, it may be desirable to forego some high-speed downforce if that provides a more constant, less stall-prone underbody flow pattern at low speeds.

McLaren technical head James Key said this in Singapore. “You can’t see it, but underneath detail is developing. Many surfaces and features that don’t seem rational when thinking about ground effect make a difference. Some of the most important sections are hidden.

Key explains that the higher the air pressure differential between the underfloor (low pressure) and the car’s top surface (high pressure), the more downforce is generated. The larger and more aggressively curved low-pressure tunnels are, the more likely they are to stall at low speeds.

McLaren's Singapore GP

The upper body surfaces must enable the underfloor maintain a significant pressure differential at lower speeds and higher ride heights. Key’s ‘illogical’ adjustments may have enhanced performance.

Changes to the radiator inlets, floor leading edge, tunnel inlet vanes, and floor edges give a greater upper body help to the rear underfloor.

“This package includes a lot of mechanical improvements beneath the skin,” explains Key. This may relate to the radiators’ new inlets. The top of the intake has been trimmed, leaving the lower’shelf’ intact.

This provides a deeper angle of downward slope of the full sidepod, which accelerates airflow to the car’s rear corners to generate a pressure differential between the underfloor and top surfaces. Steeper radiator incline would have reduced upper inlet.

The alterations to the floor’s leading edge, tunnel vanes, and floor edges are all consistent with enhancing airflow to the car’s rear corners, potentially at the price of underbody airflow. Aerodynamicists partition the available air between the underfloor and upper body surfaces.

This pressure differential provides downforce, although it varies with automobile speed and rear ride height.

McLaren is refining this tradeoff based on lap time. It gives pointers to F1’s future design direction as other teams realize Red Bull and Ferrari’s success.

Key continues, “This update is sensible.” It follows the France update, however there are some conceptual alterations. That’s the start of something fresh.”

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