OKBET ASIA | According to De Vries, the AlphaTauri F1 agreement treats Verstappen like a “big brother”

OKBET ASIA | According to De Vries, the AlphaTauri F1 agreement treats Verstappen like a “big brother” post thumbnail image
OKBET ASIA | According to De Vries, the AlphaTauri F1 agreement treats Verstappen like a "big brother"

After de Vries’s spectacular F1 debut with Williams at the Italian Grand Prix, Verstappen stated on Saturday that the two had met for dinner and that Verstappen had urged de Vries to get in contact with Red Bull’s Helmut Marko.

During this period, de Vries was connected to both Williams and Alpine, and he even scheduled a test in Budapest for the 2021 Alpine vehicle.

But Verstappen informed de Vries about what was going on with Pierre Gasly possibly leaving AlphaTauri, and he proposed that de Vries phone Marko.

The weekend before the Japanese Grand Prix, De Vries was confirmed as an AlphaTauri driver after having met with the Red Bull adviser in Graz.

“”Max and I are very close,” de Vries remarked. We are obviously from the same age. He’s a year or two younger than me, but we have a background in karting and the fact that we’re both Dutch; his approach to racing with his dad, which included karting and taking a van on a tour of Europe, struck me as very similar to my own.

“We have a lot of mutual respect as drivers and we all love and breathe for the sport. And although though he has already won one F1 World Championship and is on his way to winning his second with the finest team in the sport right now, I can sort of see myself rooting for him. Also, despite his age difference, he has often taken on the role of an elder sibling to me.

We had supper together in Monaco after the Monza tournament, and we discussed future prospects. And it led to my seeing Dr. Marko the following week in Austria, where we had a nice chat.

In light of the significance of his meal with Verstappen, de Vries continued: “No one factor is sufficient to explain anything. So far, I’ve been responsible for my own safety and have paid close attention to the advice of those closest to me. In addition, expertise is crucial in this field.

People, I believe, tend to play their cards close to the vest at times. And communication is key to staying abreast of developments. And it was exactly that kind of discussion.”

De Vries said that he was already in the running with other teams when he made a late appearance for Williams in Italy.


I’ll be the first to say that Monza has made a lot of discussions go by a lot more quickly, he added. “Nonetheless, I feel like I’ve been on this Formula One merry-go-round for a while now.

Having just won Formula E, it’s no surprise that Williams offered me a position this past summer. There were a number of times early in the season when we were able to have meaningful exchanges.

I’m on the Mercedes and Williams reserve lists. So I am friendly with the locals and feel at home among them. Since I can remember, I’ve always taken a backseat in discussions.

Initially, everything were taking on an Oscar [Piastri] vibe. After Fernando [Alonso] signed with Aston Martin just before the summer break, the antics really began. And I suppose I’ve always been a little of a silent participant in that.

But I believe Monza cleared up any lingering uncertainties, and it was obvious that everything fell into place that weekend.

“The vehicle was competitive on the track, but we would not have completed the race without the safety car due of a problem with the right front brake. In light of it, I feel immense gratitude for that time.


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